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About Us - Cindy & Jeff

Hello!  We are Cindy and Jeff, part-time travel bloggers / vloggers.  We have lived in 6 different countries, visited over 23 countries, many numerous times (Jeff crossed the Atlantic over 18 times in one 6-month stretch), and have also lived in 9 States in the United States.  We currently live in the U.S. and travel all around the world, and the U.S.  We travel when we want to, we enjoy what we do in the U.S. and like to have a place to return as a base of operations, we live in a resort area itself so we enjoy ourselves there as well. We have 5 kids between us and all are adults now which frees us up to travel as empty-nesters. 

After learning bits from other travelers we decided we have accumulated a wealth of experience, appreciation for other cultures, history and sites, and are quite active and adventurous in things we like to do or try.  Our perspective is a couple who love to travel and adventure but enjoy our work-life balance.  We didn't sell everything because we don't want to, we have a home base and come back to it.  We are blessed to work on our terms and don't have to work, but we enjoy our work and feel it offers us a greater appreciation when we travel and vice-versa, a balance we enjoy.   Cindy has a successful real estate business and Jeff is a retired military fighter pilot and now does business sales and manages to still fly old fighter jets from time to time as a civilian.

We have the means to stay where we desire, however we do appreciate value, our travels are between the extremes of staying in hostels on one end or the lifestyles of the rich and famous on the other end, somewhere in the middle.

We are also foodies, and we try to eat healthy (-ish), we also like a good craft beer or a nice wine.  We love sailing.  We have owned 3 boats, but don't own one now, we have decided we do not want to be tied to the water and the boat, we do rent boats, we belong to a sailing club and travel to sail.  We love watching those who do, but we also know the effort it takes to take care of a boat and we want to be free to explore the land as well.   It is nice to return the boat and walk away without a worry  on the next adventure.   We love mountain biking, road biking, hiking, skiiing, off roading, camping, paddleboarding, kayaking, running, swimming, and so many more things as well as trying our hand at new things.  


We are building a collection of information on things we learned both recent and over time, good and otherwise, to share with those interested.  We learn from our 30+ years of experience and our immediate experiences and we learn from others, so we want to share that.  We aren't trying to make an living doing this, but travel and adventure is a big part of our lives and who we are.  We believe travel has shaped our views and widened the aperture of how we see things, helped us learn, appreciate and give thanks. 

Come join us as we expand the information, from our website, to our YouTube channel.  Feel free to Email us, comment, and hopefully you find some helpful or enjoyable information.

Cindy &  Jeff


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