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Beaufort, NC and Shackleford Banks Horses

We visited Beaufort, NC in Eastern North Carolina and took a kayak to the Shackleford Banks to observe the beautiful wild Shackleford Banks Horses. The horses are descended from shipwrecked Spanish horses from the 1500s and inhabit a few small islands in the outer banks of Eastern, NC near Beaufort. Beaufort inlet is the site of feared pirate Blackbeard's flagship Queen Anne's Revenge wreck as well as a house he inhabited when he was ashore. Beaufort itself is along the intracoastal waterway on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and just inside the outer banks in the Crystal Coast region of the outer banks, a beautiful area and picturesque town. It is the 4th oldest town in North Carolina and has many historic sites. Beaufort is the host of the annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Offshore fishing tournament as well.

There are many places in the Crystal Coast to visit, and the Beaufort waterfront is a great place to start. With boutiques, amazing restaurants, bars and water sports it has southern charm with waterfront beauty and retains its small town tranquility. We recommend checking out the area here ( as well as looking at other local areas. Jeff used to live in Emerald Isle, a few miles south of Beaufort, so is very familiar with the area and we have been there together a few times. We stayed at the Atlantic Beach Resort which is a great location in Atlantic Beach on the Atlantic Ocean with beach access. We rented our kayaks from Beaufort Paddle, which we have done before and recommend, knowledgeable and easy to get on and off the water at a great location. We had clam chowder at the Rhumbar in the Front Street Grill, right on the water at Taylor Creek for a great view, music, boat watching, and we have even seen the horses across the Creek in the past from the patio. We ate dinner at Beaufort Grocery Co, which has awesome sure to make reservations. There are many great options to eat and many shops. The North Carolina Maritime Museum is must do while in Beaufort. There are historic tours, ghost tours and even a nice brewery, we tried Fishtowne Brew House and give the beer a big thumbs up!

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